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Am I Unnatural?

Am I unnatural? You tell me this is so, and yet, what about the human experience is natural? Like aliens, we have terraformed our planet and filled the sky with artificial stars. With an unthinking and brutal nonchalance, we clamber to meet our species lust and desires, at the threat

In Comparison

  I know I’m not the only one who feels like I do. I know there are people out there that are worse off than I am. Nonetheless, I have opened up FB page, for several days now, and find myself staring at my “status blank’, with a blank. I’m

Carrie Fisher

May the force be with her. I feel the disturbance in it, but I know it’s stronger because she carried it for us, for so long, and in ways that were unmistakably in support of every single, sentient being/alien, among us. 2016 the year our dearest icons left the planet

A Sweet Little Dream

The day is full beyond the mountains but it is still early morning in the little deer’s canyon. As she nibbles the tender green shoots at her feet and enjoys the warming air she looks thoughtfully back into the darkness. In a moment she will turn and climb nimbly, further

Being a parent can be weird.

I found this while going through old word documents. I think this is super funny. I’m sure I didn’t back then, but a decade later … yeah it’s funny. October 17, 2005 Cc:             Rona Wilensky, Principal, New Vista High School Dear Ms Lord, I am writing to request that

it’s not about carrots

i really just want to vent  … click here to continue reading