A Tribe called Red


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Am I Unnatural?

Beautiful Kora

Am I unnatural? You tell me this is so, and yet, what about the human experience is natural? Like aliens, we have terraformed our planet and filled the sky with artificial stars. With an unthinking and brutal nonchalance, we clamber to meet our species lust and desires, at the threat of all other indigenous species. Our cultivation of ourselves over all else is also, and ironically, unnatural, as it is at the threat of our own sustainability. We are so departed from our natural state that our civilization runs on an abstract and artificially quantifiable concept we call currency, which people live and die for, yet it cannot be eaten; is inanimate; cannot love. Continue reading by clicking on this link.

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In Comparison



I know I’m not the only one who feels like I do. I know there are people out there that are worse off than I am. Nonetheless, I have opened up FB page, for several days now, and find myself staring at my “status blank’, with a blank. I’m wanting to say something because, my friends on there are a significant part of my community. It’s how I can have a social life despite being a studio artist, introverted and shy. But I keep having nothing to say nor do I have any motivation to even look for something cool to share. I’ve mentioned I had a TBI and that I have a depression/anxiety disorder. Even without extra efforts I need to make to compensate for the traumatic brain injury I sustained, Depression/Anxiety Disorder can be overwhelming, especially when it hits-hard; I’m doing all the “right” things I’m supposed to be doing, yet it’s not working. Usually the conclusive, 20/20 hindsight, that eventually dawns on me is, “hey, what I was able to do last week with ease is now daunting,” and at times impossible.

There’s something more to the conundrum though that I feel compelled to write about. When my brain is… continue reading by clicking here

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Carrie Fisher


May the force be with her. I feel the disturbance in it, but I know it’s stronger because she carried it for us, for so long, and in ways that were unmistakably in support of every single, sentient being/alien, among us. 2016 the year our dearest icons left the planet and went homeTo continue reading this post click here.


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A Sweet Little Dream


The day is full beyond the mountains but it is still early morning in the little deer’s canyon. As she nibbles the tender green shoots at her feet and enjoys the warming air she looks thoughtfully back into the darkness. In a moment she will turn and climb nimbly, further upward, toward the brilliant blue sky. Some day when she reaches the top of those rose-colored peaks she will stretch open her magical wings and fly.

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Being a parent can be weird.


I found this while going through old word documents. I think this is super funny. I’m sure I didn’t back then, but a decade later … yeah it’s funny.

October 17, 2005

Cc:             Rona Wilensky, Principal, New Vista High School

Dear Ms Lord,

I am writing to request that both of my boys be excused, from the detentions they accrued during the last school year. Being disciplined for what occurred then seems fruitless and in many ways detrimental to any new effort, they may be making this year.


Alison Barrows Young

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it’s not about carrots

i really just want to vent
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