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Peace Theatre [Schedule]

Acting Improvisation, Script Acting, Story Telling, Adventure Questing, Puppetry, Creative Movement, Singing, Creative writing, Poetry and Playwriting

  • Develops stronger presentation and speaking skills and decreases self consciousness
  • Promotes better listening skills and helps individuals to focus on the group intent
  • Teaches better understanding of group dynamics
  • Helps students to be less critical and more accepting of both themselves and others.

Fine Art Studio [Schedule]

Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Sculpture Journaling, Scrapbooking, Bookbinding, Nature & Botanical Art, Collage, Costume Design, Jewelry, Paper-Making, Puppet Making and Maskmaking

  • Inspires the participant to see the beauty in the world from an artistic point of view
  • Weaves world awareness and self expression through art history and cultural exploration
  • allows students to appreciate and enjoy the earth’s bounty through exploring fine arts in nature
  • Nurtures each student’s self confidence in expressing themselves through fine art.

Community Service  [Schedule]

For community Service campers will be able to choose as a group from a wide variety of projects available through various organizations that benefit both local and world communities. This may include volunteering time, promoting awareness and/or raising funds. Two examples of community service projects are CIP, The Community Infant Program of Boulder County and “The Heifer Project” which assists famine stricken families in other parts of the world.

Mission Statement  [Schedule]

We will play and have fun while exploring our creativity impulses and learning about world peace efforts in a supportive group environment. We are committed to helping your child to fully explore his or her creative spirit in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment. We will inspire kindness, tolerance and compassion. All children are welcomed to join this non-sectarian, non-denominational program and are respected for their, and their family’s, personal beliefs and faiths.

Is There an Artist in Your Child? The answer is yes. There is an artist in all of us just waiting to come alive. It’s not a question of an artist being a special kind of person, but every person being a special kind of artist.

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