Dyed White – Kora Teal Wynn

Kora Poem Illustration

Beautiful poetry from a beautiful soul. Kora Wynn Teal  (Right now I’m in the mom dog house, so if you love her maybe you can reach out to her?)

I’m moving away in a sea, dyed white. No wave, every moment flies out of my center, without ceasing. My members hang from the boat, making signs to the sharks who have come and gone. In Extinction. I’m alone.

I’m above the clouds, looking towards the stars. A Green Tendril of aurora that passes between me and oblivion. Gravity is heavy, I’m crushed. In a thin spectrum, in shapes. Like a dog, or a hand, or a coconut.

I’m pressing every random key in an old type writer. A hundred thousand times spelling words, without losing the rhythm. A story about the abduction. A cat on my back, and in my mind touches a pipe. Day of the dead

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