Poems to Earthly Magic

Message to a Merboy

Your fragile rainbow broke

against the surf today

I watched the glazed fragments

wash in to wither out

scattered upon the sands

alongside a beached ray

it’s dorsal tail severed

sun blanched, a ghostly Skate

of cartilaginous

remains, moisture rising

from it’s discarded frame

silence resonating

once a faithful rudder

switching through dim waters

enchanted harmonies

now muted thinly hiss

as they rise thick and faint

dulcet into the air


A simple flat canvas


it’s secret missing


it appears between time


staggering with passion

a blind fire

burning within me

My Renegade Womb

My renegade womb


swathed in aging lace


out there

desire seeping endlessly

through fragile patterns

broken affections and

squandered love




Realize the wish, quiet friend.

Your memories are special.

Share them.

Trust them.

The world, wonderful girl, belongs to you


The devoted sun laughs at nothing

as he staggers, veiled and nuanced

or adorned in bright rags of color

that catch at his light

He’s a wayward yet elegant lover

casting endless enchantments

blind to our beliefs

he shirks eternity

Vibrantly reciting incantations and

Byzantine blessings,

singing drunk and belligerent

through the breeze

Breathing Fire

A withering thread of smoke

twists through the rose dipped evening

as waters rage black

and steal through the darkness

Far into the conversation

a young woman with silver hair

embraces her thoughts

and runs with them

Past empty and uncertain faith

searching for the one

who can see death, shining gold

well formed and strong

Who can breathe fire

into sacred under currents

expanding sweet and silent

against her many patterned sorrows

For Curt

Deep in this cold night

lost beneath the stars

and all these quilts

I’m still struggling

to find your embrace

Bleached and wind dried

softly scratched

your music lingers at the edge of a cadence

and is all that remains

of our love


Her knight came crashing

through the gold tinged

and frost patterned mist

embracing Summer

WeepingLost in bitterness

I feel an unanticipated ember

fattening beneath my ribs

your hand, again,

softly lingering along the edge of my jaw to cup my face

a vision of your soft eyes

descends burning

like the breath of a spectral tiger

curling in the place of my vanquished womb

and slowly kindles

my unending devotion

Six Leavings


An immaculate moon

descended into the chilled valley

unaware of it’s sensuality

it’s elusive flight, seemingly fated

for her last memory of earth


Unfulfilled, she leapt

into the smooth night air

the cars far beneath her

jeweled swans

passing upon a black river


Missing sleep

she wandered into an open fire

a sight best held

within ones breast

like a petaled secret


They denied her grief

shelved like books

thick as dust, endless as rain

in wavering fields of morning stillness

and passing for Winter


Serenity collapsed upon her, for a brief moment

as a thin blaze of warmth appeared over the distant trees

brightening the trails of her frozen breath

hiding them momentarily

against the descending darkness


Her time escaped

screaming from her armored throat

rhythmically pouring out

until the world around her stopped

leaving her nestled

cold, against her swollen muse

How It Runs Down

Misfortune resonates

like a beating drum

soaring into nothingness

as strong arms hesitate

uncertain and suddenly jealous

of poetry imagined

Caught a fine web

our life wishes

are speckled with fear

for having waited so long

for the rebel amongst us

to arrive

Passing certainty, a tremble

arhythmic and unknown

and yet seductive

tears through the old songs

listing with bitterness

burning with fascination

The Immigrant

In a marching train of unsettled lives

Did you see us?

Waving our white flags

against the cacti and under the scorching skies.

Ladened with hunger.

Sipping from thirsty gutters.

Our arms filled

with our crying children.

Threatened from our homes.

Thrown from the mountains

and driven from the foothills.

We are we abstracted by our sorrows.

Why do you doubt us?

Our orchards are depleted and bare

and our sanctuaries

are parched.

No smoke obscured us.

Our encampments lay meaningless,

adrift in the valley of our desperation.

Engulfed. Our souls aflame.

Aroused from the surrounding chaparral

we arrived galvanized by our hope.

Desperate to escape our plundered homelands.

Silenced, but steeled in our hearts.

A river of grief flowing

from indescribable terrors.

Plagues loosed upon us.

Was your fear quickened by the sight of us?

I am here now, waiting upon your border.

Where you have detained me.

Tired and alienated, detached from my family.

Breathing through cracked lips.

I am begging at your door.  Where is my child?

When you took her she was weak but filled with my dreams.

She’s all my love in an ardent vision of unwavering beauty.

What have you done with her?

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