The Mysterious Arrival of Jesse The Cat

The Mysterious Arrival of Jesse the Cat _wb
Jesse The Cat has moved on to the ethereal. I feel sick about it. He came into our lives about a year and a half ago, starving from living in the woods during the winter, with FIV and a healed over, twisted, broken back. Wolf and I have always felt he was enchanted and just needed the right person to kiss him and he’d turn into a Prince with a remarkable story to tell us all. Now we will never know but I can say he was one of the most wonderful of persons I have ever met. I feel blessed for his choosing my house and our family for his homies. I loved him with all my heart and I can’t believe he’s gone. Such grief at the loss of my fuzzy friend.

This is the painting I did for him last Summer. “The Mysterious Arrival of Jesse The Cat” 

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