Léona Adoette

In the summer of 1977, at the age of 19, I had the opportunity to work on a medical study in North West Quebec among the Cree living outside of Lebel sur Quévillon and the Algonquin at Lac Simon. The First Peoples I met during that time beguiled me with their uncanny humor during the workday and spent countless hours generously schooling me in their hardtack disposition toward the fundamental nature of reality. The grace they bestowed upon me during those months opened a door to an unexpected vision of the world, a reverence for all circumstances that cross ones path be they either wanting or bountiful. From that time on I pursued an independent study in animism and other similarly gentle philosophies. I am drawn to ways that call for introspection, balance with nature and openhanded spirit. Along the way I have trained as a jaguar warrior, 1994-2002, through the Toltec Tradition and was initiated as a Nagual. In 2006 I went to Arizona to experience the White Buffalo and dropped by happenstance into another life altering odyssey with a group of native spiritualists from whom I received the name Adoette (Tall Tree). I have been incredibly fortunate to receive the teachings and ways that have been shared with me and I hold what I have learned through them as a sacred treasure with unending gratitude.


Born August 27, 1958 NYC

Childhood Ontario Canada 1968 – 1982
BFA 1980, MFA 1984, M.ED 2010
Adjunct Professorships 1984-2008


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