Contributor: Rémy Winona
i really just want to vent By Remy Winona
i have been feeling like my friend is secretly pissed at me…
… like today i was eating some carrots at her house that she had grown …
… and I told her this silly story my brother once told me about how carrots being good for your eyes is a myth because really troops just ate a lot of carrots because they were cheap.
and she was just like
        “that’s not true”
and I was like
         “ha ha why?”
… i laughed because i was just feeling good about sitting in her kitchen eating carrots, spending time with her and just had this random childhood thought that i shared … i mean I know it’s bullshit but i think it’s funny …
and she was like all super stern and pissed sounding like
          “because that’s dumb”
…. and it really hurt my feelings …
i didn’t want to be around her anymore.
and she was like pissed because the story had involved carrots being cheap
…. like  i had implied that her crop wasn’t valuable  …
i fucking hate that shit


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