Women Taking A Knee

For those of my good friends who feel that we might me coopting Black Lives Matter by taking a knee for women, can I propose a compromise?

In my mind there is nothing as powerful as taking a knee. Quite frankly I am surprised all Americans don’t take a knee right alongside the black athletes. I am not a football enthusiast, however, if I were at a football game I would take a knee in solidarity. At this point the ideals upon which this country has been hijacked and compromised should be every good persons concern.

I am married to an African American man and we have a son. I have 3 step children and two grandchildren that are African American. I fear for them even more now than I did before this latest Supreme Court confirmation.

Individual, cultural, and institutionalized abuse and violence against women of color is by far worse than that of men of color. I am horrified by police brutality against black men absolutely. However, my point is that women’s issues are not defined by color.

As long as women are a disenfranchised minority, everyone suffers and no civil cause will ever be resolved. It is the feminine that is truly revolutionary and is the missing balance in our social equality. A balance that is no longer progressing toward the future but rather rewinding with great ferocity and perilous speed.

three american flags

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