Monkey’s Letter To Raven


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Beautiful Raven,

You did not ask me to stay forever, nor did you tell me you even wished me to. You expressed a commitment to me for the night, which I thought was very sweet. I was hoping you would come back of course. I waited up for you, but eventually I fell asleep. When you said you were leaving you didn’t ask me if I would be all right with that choice. If you hadn’t invited me as you did, I wouldn’t have taken advantage of your winged embrace. I promise you that.

I did look for you when I could, especially when the little ones were old enough to come with me. I asked around for you until those that saw me coming turned away to avoid me and I am embarrassed to admit I checked my mail a couple thousand times hoping you would write something to me. I still wish to find something there someday, though I’m not really expecting to and these days I don’t go to look for weeks at a time.

At first I’d leave the branch every time I heard a rustle or a creak hoping it was you and that you had found your way back to us. After a while I stopped doing that but I tacked a note on the tree trunk imagining that if you ever passed by you would see that I was still waiting for you. The note eventually got very old and blew away. Did it find you? Did you read what it said? That I sincerely wished to give you the space that I believe you need if you’d only let me try.

If you’re out there somewhere do you ever look back? Have you ever checked to see if we’re still here? The kids are doing great, although they would have liked to have known you a little better. I would have liked to spend more time with you. To be honest I feel disappointment (a little hurt, maybe jealous) yet I am far from angry or upset with you. Our connection was fast and mysterious and it was without your agreement that I fell so deeply for you. If you’re still out there somewhere, I know your freedom means a great deal to you and I can honor that.

Please feel free to stop by anytime. I can be a good friend.

Best Wishes,



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