Raven & Armadillo

raven and angel mix

Armadillo: I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to process it all.

Raven: I know that.

Armadillo: I didn’t understand

Armadillo: and

Armadillo: well

Armadillo: I feel disappointed

Raven: You called me, remember?

Armadillo: I just didn’t know what to make of it all

Raven: You asked why you run. I told you why.


Raven: You’re not perfect. Do you know that nobody is perfect?

Armadillo: no I didn’t

Armadillo: er.. yes I guess I did

Armadillo: but

Armadillo: I have always tried to do the right things

Armadillo: or what I felt was right

Armadillo: at least in others eyes

Raven: At birth the children of Earth aren’t powerful enough to walk the path they have chosen. They develop coping skills that help for a time that do not necessarily serve their greatest purpose.

Armadillo: now thinking back

Armadillo: only when I’m traveling

Armadillo: seems only then I can be the “real” me

Raven: Your adult life is when you need to wrestle with what was agreed upon.

Armadillo: yes, I sort of get that.

Raven: Each time you run you solidify your dependence on those childhood beliefs. It holds you back from becoming who you have agreed to be. Goddess is speaking to you but you aren’t listening to her.

Armadillo: honestly I think I’d like to move on instead

Armadillo: I can’t be in this body anymore

Raven: Yeah she told me you are always trying to exit, that you’ve spent a lot of your time trying not to be here. You came here for a reason.

Armadillo: listening

Raven: If you leave without taking it up the challenge, you will need to try to do it again later. It will continue until you have met it.


Armadillo: I don’t think I can be this body anymore.

Raven: Then transform it.

Armadillo: it is all the same as it turns out

Armadillo: what will make the difference?

Armadillo: how will I do it?

Armadillo: it’s so huge


Armadillo: and in some ways

Armadillo: I am scared if I don’t try then my life has been for nothing.

Raven: Have you really been listening to her? She let’s us know in her own way and helps with every step.

Armadillo: it’s confusing

Armadillo: I WAS listening

Armadillo: but

Armadillo: I didn’t get it

Raven: Filter her words through your heart, through your trust in her.

Armadillo: you know

Raven: If you stay with it I can help you to understand. You can’t run forever. You need to travel to yourself not to someone else or some other place.

Armadillo: after I left

Armadillo: I kept thinking

Armadillo: was she really talking to me? It seemed like she was talking to someone else

Raven: You asked questions and she answered.

Armadillo: you know

Armadillo: I live with this each and every day

Armadillo: I’m alone here

Raven: And not listening apparently.

Armadillo: I’m sorry

Raven: The two of you are one spirit.

Armadillo: I’m so lost when she leaves

Raven: When she left?  Did she?

Armadillo: when she is near by I feel better

Raven: Armadillo.

Armadillo: yes

Raven: If you shut down you shut her out.

Armadillo: she doesn’t make it easy of course

Armadillo: but

Armadillo: she always makes me feel like I’m home

Armadillo: in the one from my dreams

Armadillo: she


Armadillo: I grew tired

Armadillo: her last words were


Armadillo: she could barely speak

Armadillo: she leaned in very close

Armadillo: and she told me that she loved me

Armadillo: after that she was gone

Armadillo: I would see her in my room

Armadillo: or at least her face

Armadillo: smiling at me


Armadillo: sighs

Armadillo: I want a love in my life.

Armadillo: I want someone that will put me first

Armadillo: sounds selfish

Armadillo: I know

Armadillo: but

Armadillo: I ask myself

Armadillo: when is it my turn?

Raven: You are given a lot of love from many.

Armadillo: I don’t feel it

Raven: You don’t recognize it.

Armadillo: I’m sorry I disappoint you.

Raven: You don’t disappoint me. You are hell bent on disappointing yourself.


Armadillo: are you mad?

Raven: I’m frustrated that you keep running away, but I’m always here. I can always be found.

Armadillo: when will you be finished with being mad?

Armadillo: I don’t understand any of it

Armadillo: and I am trying

Raven: I’m not mad. I understand that you weren’t ready.

Armadillo: will she come again?

Raven: I think she is simply waiting for you to invite her.


Raven: If you poof on me now I will be pissed off at you.

Armadillo: not moving

Armadillo: ass glued to seat

Raven: lol

Raven: okay that did it,,, not angry anymore.

Armadillo: lol

Raven: Humor is amazing.


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