Raven Helps Wolf Remember

Raven swoops down in the woods and lands on a branch where a few wild ones are gathered. Wolf nudges Sprite.

Wolf: Do you remember her?

Sprite: Who?

Wolf: Her.

Sprite: Yeah I know her.

Coyote: Well, Wolf, at least you remember someone today.

Wolf: That’s Raven.

Raven: Hi Wolf.

Wolf: Hi Raven.

Raven: Hello.

Wolf: I remember you.

Raven: Yes you do today, don’t you?

Wolf: … and your secret name.

Raven: I don’t have a secret name.

Coyote: Wolf tries hard to remember everyone.

Sprite: That’s good, I guess. He never remembers me though.

Raven: It’s nothing personal if someone doesn’t remember you.

Sprite: I guess.

Coyote: Last time I saw Wolf was at a moon gathering. He thought he was a naked Leopard who’d lost his spots!

Raven: Ha, ha, that must have been something.

Wolf: Please!

Raven: I suppose some things are best not to remember. *Smiles*

Coyote: Ha, ha, ha!

Coyote: We had fun didn’t we Wolf?

Wolf: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Sprite: I bet you did. He can be a real wild man.

Wolf: Ha, ha, ha!

Coyote: Yeah and he scared everyone off.

Wolf: Sorry.

Raven: They’re just poor sports I guess.

Wolf: I better go home.

Raven: Everything’s all right Wolf. That was in the past. You’re fine now.

Sprite: Why worry about it?

Wolf: *shrugs*

Sprite: You’re a good person even though you forgot me.

Wolf: Raven.

Wolf: I remember you.

Raven: You don’t always remember me Wolf. But that’s okay, what you don’t remember with your mind you remember with your heart.

Sprite: Good to know something on him is beaming signals.

Wolf: Sometimes I do remember.

Wolf: I remember close things.

Wolf: Hey Raven.

Wolf: I know you.

Raven: Yep, you remember me today.

Wolf: Yes.

Wolf: The one with shiny black wings.

Raven: Yep that’s me.

Wolf: Yes.

Wolf: I can trust you.

Coyote: Will he ever get better?

Raven: Who knows?

Wolf: I remember shiny black wings.

Raven: Yep.

Wolf: Ha, ha, ha!

Wolf: That’s why I remember you!

Raven: Yep

Wolf: *smiles*

Wolf: You and me.

Raven: Do you know about that? What raven’s are to wolves?

Wolf: Shiny black wings.

Raven: Ha. Yes we’re the ones with the black wings.

Wolf: I know.

Raven: Raven’s and wolves are forever friends. That’s the way it’s always been and so that is how it will always be. Maybe you can remember that?

Wolf: You’re so nice.

Raven: We show you prey from the high winds and you leave us something to eat in return.

Raven: Ravens are the winds that speak to the wolves and wolves are our fierce allies in the forest.

Wolf: Ok.

Raven: The winds that bring plenty and the eyes that stave hunger. Linked by our biology through all time.

Wolf: I remember some.

Raven: It’s okay if you have forgotten.

Wolf: Nooo!

Raven: Okay no.

Wolf: Nooo!

Raven: I’m wrong I guess.

Wolf: Yes.

Raven: Okay fine.


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