Raven Loves Monkey, Maybe

Jumping Guy


Monkey suddenly swung down from the treetops and landed on the branch right next to where Raven was perched.

Monkey: Well hello there gorgeous.

Raven: Hi there Monkey, how are you today?

Monkey: Tired, very tired. I’ve had a long day at work and I’m just getting back now.

Raven: I hope you feel more energetic soon.

Monkey: All I had to do was land on this branch beside you and that’s what happened.

Raven: It’s such a pleasure to have the company of such a fine monkey as yourself. I’ve just been sitting here thinking about how nice it would be to have a monkey friend just like you.

Monkey: Oh baby, it’d be sweet to be your monkey friend.

Raven: Don’t you have anyone?

Monkey: Nope. I surely don’t.

Raven: If you came home to me everyday I would give you a hot bath and sponge you down with sweet smelling suds to rejuvenate you.

Monkey: Mmm, honey you wouldn’t have to do all that for me. All you’d have to do to would be to hold me and let me fall asleep in your wings.

Raven: Would that make you feel good?.

Monkey: Yep Baby you sure would be doing that.

Raven: When you are away I’ll miss you..

Monkey: Aww, baby I’d like that too.

Raven: You can be my sweet Monkey.

Monkey: You can be my baby love.

Raven: Here, why don’t you rest in my wings?

Monkey: Why thank you darling that would be heaven.

Monkey: *leans back into Raven’s wings*

Raven: *Picks something off Monkey’s shoulder*

Raven: *combs beak through Monkey’s neck hair and scratches his scruff*

Raven: I’m so glad you found me.

Monkey: I’m glad I did too.

Raven: You’re such a beautiful monkey.  Sleep baby and I’ll watch over you.

Monkey: I’m so grateful to you sweetheart.

Raven: You are?

Monkey: Mmmhmm you’re precious.

Raven: Baby?

Monkey: What Hun?

Raven: Do you think you might want to spend the night here?

Monkey: Oh yeah I’d love that.

Monkey: My love.

Monkey: My baby.

Monkey: So warm.

Monkey: So safe.

Monkey: So completely intimate.

Raven: Can I ask you a favor my sweet woolly gem?

Monkey: What’s up baby?

Raven: I’ve tucked the little ones into the nest and they’re sound asleep now.

Monkey: Mmmmm?

Raven: Can you stay the night, tonight?

Monkey: Why sure honey I’d be happy to.

Raven: Cool. So I’ll just be on my way then.

Monkey: Where are you going?

Raven: I’ve got a few errands I need to run.

Monkey: Um okay. Come back soon sweetness.

Raven never did come back and Monkey never figured out what happened to her. He sat on that branch through the night and worried about her. When her babies woke up he took care of them the way he knew she would if she was there. After a while they were enough reason for him to stay on. When they grew up they were the spitting image of their mother but everyone said they acted like monkeys.

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