Soul Bears and Blue Tigers

Dream of blue tiger copy

I dreamed I was alone in a forest at night.

It was cold and snowbound. There was a jetliner abandoned there, laying on its belly like it had crash landed. It was white and seemed to be partially skeletal in areas but was mostly in tack. A white colored black bear was pursuing me. I went under a tunnel/ bridge carved out beneath the plane and tried to back into a door shaped inset section of the planes structure to hide. Kind of like hide and seek where you aren’t totally afraid and simply trying to allude the finder. The Bear found me and touched me on the upper left arm. It’s claw pierced my jacket sleeve and incidentally wounded me, there was some blood that seeped through my parka sleeve. My parka was white and had an embroidered rainbow chevron design on it. The bear stood there looking at me as if waiting for or anticipating my next move. It was going to catch me and I was scared but I was conscious that it didn’t intend to maul me. I moved out of the space I was hiding in and left the cave away from the direction I entered and walked back around the nose of the plane with the bear still following me. As I rounded the nose of the jet I came upon a blue tiger walking toward me. Looking at me while it approached. I was afraid of it but not of being killed or mauled. We walked past each other slightly swaying to avoid bumping, grazing the air between us. I walked out toward the surrounding evergreens away from the plane.

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